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Keeping Standards

Running a website such as this takes a great deal of time and money and so we need to raise some capital to keep the site expanding. The obvious way to do this is by a little advertising. We do not wish to plaster the place with endless amounts of it however and so we are offering a limited amount of space.

There are no limits to the type of product or service you can advertise but of course it must ne vegan. In real terms this means:
The product or service must be produced or applied without harm or injury to other living things. The ingerdients, methods and product structure must comply with vegan ethics.
For instance, a company making vegan clothing may have non vegan employees but my not have any non vegan systems or materials within them.
On the other hand, a vegan pony treking company would be refused.
If you are in doubt, please contact us before hand. We can design the ad for you if you wish but are happy to use your art work if you have it.

If you are interested please contact us using the form below and we will email you with our rates.





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